Code of Conduct 

The following rules apply to all forms of interaction between league members.  

(Xbox MSG, Discord General Chat and Direct Messages) 


  • Post any offensive messages or material. This includes but is not limited to 

    • Racism / Discrimination  

    • X-Rated Curse Words 

    • R-Rated words directed at someone or team in an aggressive manor. 

    • Personal Info / Pictures of any members without their permission 

  • Berate a non-combative participant of this league (If they aren’t chirping back leave them alone) 

Disciplinary Action 

  • Depending on the severity the following actions are at the league’s disposal. 

    • MUTE – Ranging from Hours / Days / Week / The Season 

    • Suspension 

    • Removal from the Discord 

    • Removal from the league 

  • All Actions will be voted on by the League Owners, The 3HLPA, and Owners Rep before being implemented. (2/3 Majority) 

  • Any of the 3 League Administrators may mute any member while awaiting a vote. 

Best Practice 

  • Keep it fun and light, we want you to chirp to promote competitiveness, but we don’t want Toxic Players who ruin the experience. 


*If you need any Clarifications you may PM the League Owners: 

AnGiiRaffEy#2529, Barley#2649, or blgDADDYdonald#8448 

* If you see something, Say Something. We are human and will miss things so feel free to PM a League Administrator about any concerns.

Punishment Protocols  

  • Punishments for breaking the rules will be broken into categories of Schedule 1 through Schedule 5, with a schedule 1 offenses being reserved for the most extreme cases.  

  • When referring to punishments, a offense will be followed by a call out from “Available Punishments” below. 

    • For example: A player shall not post nudity in the discord (Schedule 3) 

    • Any rule referring to a Schedule 3 means the league can choose any action from a Schedule 5 to a Schedule 3 from either “Chats Bans”, “Suspensions”, or a mix of both. 

  • League Administrators will make the determination based on the seriousness of the offense and action taken in past offenses similar in context. 

  • To ensure consistency or the appearance of bias, every offense will be logged and available to all players. 

  • The Log will have the players name, the offense, the punishment, and a statement from the league explaining it decision.  (Think Branden Shanahan as VP of Player Safety) 

  • Repeat offenders are subject to discipline beyond what's classified below. This could lead to a ban depending on the severity.  


Available Punishments 

  • Below are the levels of discipline at The Front Office’s disposal  

    • Chat Bans 

      • Schedule 05 

        • Chat Mute Under 24 Hours 

      • Schedule 04 

        • Chat Mute Under 1 Week 

      • Schedule 03 

        • Chat Ban Over 1 Week 

      • Schedule 02 

        • 1 Season Chat Ban 

      • Schedule 01 

        • Permanent Chat Ban from 3HL 

          • Can be appealed after 2 seasons 

    • Suspensions 

      • Schedule 05 

        • 1 Game Taken Away from your max games. 

      • Schedule 04 

        • Up to 3 games taken away from your max games. 

          • Can be issued for the following week. 

      • Schedule 03 

        • 1 Week suspension. 

          • To be served the following week. 

            • If in the playoffs you will be docked 4 games of eligibility.  

      • Schedule 02 

        • Suspended for the remainder of the season 

      • Schedule 01 

        • Permanent Ban from 3HL 

          • Can be appealed after 2 seasons 

Disciplinary Actions (Please Reference Punishment Protocols Before Continuing)  

  • Rules within Scheduling and Game Night Procedures 

    • Players are required to post their availability each week to their owner. (Schedule 3)  

    • Managers are required to submit their lines for the entire week by Sunday at 8 PM EST in the Weekly Lines Discord Channel. (Schedule 3)  

    • Team Managers are responsible for entering stats into by 5 PM Est the following day. Not doing so will result in an automatic forfeit. (if you need extra time just let us know.) 

      • Owners will get 2 warnings a season.  

      • On the 3rd and 4th time they will be docked 1 game from their eligibility. 

      • On the 5th time they are subject to being removed as owner. 

  • Rules within Rosters and Transaction 

    • Not complying with Ice Time Requirements (Schedule 3)  

    • Not complying with Live Free Agent Bidding Restrictions (Schedule 3)  

    • Not proving proof that an ECU is needed (Schedule 3)  

    • Not providing ECU stats to a League Administrator (Schedule 3)  

    • If proof is provided that player tampering occurred the participating party will be subject to review (Schedule 2) 

    • Any Player who quits the league without filling out a retirement form will be subject to review under (Schedule 1) 

  • Rules within the Rule Book 

    • Cheating (Schedule 1) 

    • Breaking any of the In Game Rules (Schedule 5) 

      • (Schedule 2) for repeat offenders. 

    • Altering Evidence (Schedule 2)