The 3HL Rule Book

 Club Requirements 

  • Club name must be labeled as 3HL followed by the full team name. 

    • Examples 

      • 3HL New York Rangers 

      • 3HL Boston Bruins 

  • Team Colors must be appropriate for the selected team. 

    • Home Team shall have Dark Jerseys 

    • Away Team shall have a Light Jersey 

  • Goal Post cannot be White. All Other colors are acceptable.  

In Game Rules 

  • Diving 

    • No player shall dive in the offensive zone. 

  • Pining Yourself to the Boards 

    • You may only pin yourself against the boards in your defensive zone of in a tight race to a dumped puck. 

  • Delay of Game 

    • Players are not permitted to hold the puck in their own zone. You are allowed to reset but progression forward must be obvious.  

  • Goaltender Etiquette 

    • Goaltenders are not allowed to interfere with a player in anyway when not specifically playing the puck. 

  • Cheating 

    • No Cheating or exploits to gain an unfair in game advantage. This includes anything not intended for normal game play. 

  •  In Game Loop 

    • In a case where the game loops, the game must be continued, if possible. 

      • If the game continues to loop, the game should be paused at the next possible chance and the goalies must leave the game making the game be discontinued. 

        • After which, the game is to be restarted from the time of the goalies leaving. 

    • If the loop affects a goal, the team who scored the goal must submit a request to have that goal added to their stats. 

      • There must be sufficient evidence to prove there was, in fact, a goal taken away due to the loop.  

        • (Failure to provide proof will result in no goal being added) 

 Breaking the Rules 

  • If the team you are playing breaks any of the rules above you reserve the right to file a complaint. 

    • Please record evidence of the offense or else the complaint will not be processed. 

  • Submit a Rules Complaint Straight to a League Administrator.  

  • (Sufficient evidence must be provided.)