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Scheduling and Game Day Guidelines 

*Players* - (C / W / D / G) 

*Skaters* - (C / W / D) 

*Goalies* - (G) 


Player Sign Ups 

  • Players must register through the sign-up form in order to be eligible for the draft. 

    • This will allow enough time for owners to scout and make adjustments. 

    • Players who sign up after the deadline will be sent to Free Agency for bidding. 

Salary Cap $25 Million 

  • Each team will carry a salary cap of $25 Million 

  • Each Team is granted 4 non-salary roster spots. 

    • Team Owner 

    • GM 

    • AGM 

    • Captain 

  • A Players salary will be determined by the round they were drafted in. See “Draft” below 

  • After the completion of the draft each team will have $5 Million in cap space. 

  • A player on IR will have their salary count towards the cap. 

  • A player on TC will not have their salary count toward your cap. 


  • Each roster may only carry a maximum of 11 Players and a minimum of 9 players. 

  • The Draft will consist of 5 Rounds in a snake draft.  

    • (Total = Roster Size of 9 Players. 4 Management Positions + 5 Draft Picks) 

  • The salary cap hit for each player by round is as follows. 

    • 1st Round - $7 Million 

    • 2nd Round - $5 Million 

    • 3rd Round - $4 Million 

    • 4th Round - $3 Million 

    • 5th Round - $1 Million 

Roster Positional Limits and Restrictions 

  • Each organization can only carry 1 member of the League Administrators on their active roster. 

    • This includes Assistant To League Administrators 

Ice Time Requirements 

  • There are no position locks, only restrictions based on Skater vs. Goalie. 

  • There are no requirements on the number of each position you need to have rostered. 

  • Skaters (C, W, D) must play a min. of 3 games and a max of 7 games. 

    • Skaters may play as goalie in any of their allotted 7 game max.  

    • A skater may play the max. of 10 games if they only play goalie for that week (You can designate a skater as a goalie for a week). 

    • Any game a player plays over there max allowed will be an automatic Forfeit. 

  • Goalies(G) must play a min. of 4 games and a max. of 10 games. 

    • Goalies can play as a skater for a max. of 3 games a week.  

      • If they play 2 games as skater their max games will be reduced to 7 games. 

Live Free Agent Bidding (LFAB) 

  • Live Free Agent Bidding will occur once each week in the 3HL Discord.  

    • (This is the only way to pick up Free Agents)  

  • Each week, owners will have to opt in to participate in the LFAB Event by submitting an LFAB form by Thursday @ 10PM.  

  • The league will reach out to each owner who opted in, and schedule the LFAB at a time convenient for all owners who opted in.  

  • The order of bidding will be ascending from last to first based on the timestamp of an owners LFAB Form. You want to submit your form as early in the week as possible so you can pick last. This will prevent other teams from purposely bidding up your player and help you win a player because the other team could have less cap space by the time its your turn 

  • So, the owner who submitted their LFAB form the last will start by placing a player on the table with a starting bid of their choice. 

    • All Bids must be with in $250k Increments. (250, 500, 750, 1 Mill, etc.) 

      • To clarify you can jump straight to 1.5 Mill if you want to. 

  •  The bidding on that player will continue in the ascending order and Each owner will have the option to place a bid or pass.   

    • Once an owner elects to pass they will no longer be able to bid on that player. 

  • This will continue until all but 1 owner passes and the player is won. 

  • Once the player is won, we will repeat the process with the next owner. 

    • The advantage of going last is that other teams will have a harder time bidding up a player they have no intention of winning.  Best Practice: Keep your cards close to your chest. 


In Summary 

Step 1  

Owners must submit a LFAB Form by Thursday @ 10PM Est to reserve a spot that week. 

Step 2  

Look for PMs from the Front Office to schedule a date and time that all owners agree on. 

(LFAB can only be scheduled after the Last Thursday Game and before the first Sunday Game) 

If a scheduled time cannot be agreed upon the LFAB will be Held on Sunday 8 PM est. 

Step 3 

Show Up – If an Owner cannot attend a Team Manager may stand in for the Owner but do so at your own risk.  Only 1 Representative from each team will be allowed in the chat. If you do not show up you forfeit your right for the next LFAB. 

Step 4   

Wait your turn in the chat – you will be called upon by a League Representative each time its your turn to act. 

(We will not implement a timer for the first couple of weeks.) 

Step 5  

If it's your turn to put a player on the table: 

State the name of the player followed by the amount you would like to bid. 

(You may elect to pass if the player you were after was already won.) 

Step 6 

When it's you turn to bid on the player on the table simply type pass or the desired amount you would like to bid. You will get another chance to bid on that player if another owner out bids you.  

Step 7 

This will repeat until all others owners pass and the player is awarded to the highest bidder. 

Step 8 

Rinse and Repeat. 

Once all the owners have had a chance to place a player on the table the order will reverse in the event any of the owners are after more than 1 player in a single LFAB Event. 


Live Free Agent Bidding Restrictions 

  • Any player that signs up for the league after Wednesday at 10 PM will not be eligible for that’s weeks Live Free Agent Bidding. 

  • Any team that drops a player within 1 week of picking them up in LFAB will not be allowed to participate in the next LFAB. 

    • The intent of this restriction is to prevent owners from bidding up a player they have no intention of acquiring and dropping them when they end of winning the bid.  

  • You will not be allowed to bid past your salary cap. Please check the google docs prior to the LFAB Event. 

Emergency Call Up (ECU) 

  • An owner may use an ECU if a scheduled player is unable to make the game. 

    • The Team Owner must provide picture proof if a player cannot make it. 

      • Best practice: Have that unavailable player PM a League Administrator. 

  • Use the ECU chat to find an available Free Agent of your choice. 

  • This game will still count towards the originally scheduled player’s game count. 

  • Owners or Team Management must PM a photo of the ECU’s Stats to a League Administrator. 

  • The League Administrator will provide an updated stats sheet for all ECU’s prior to Live Free Agent Bidding. 


 Send Downs / Waiver 

  • An Owner may send down a player from active roster to TC. (2 TC Spots) 

  • A player's salary while on TC will not be counted towards your salary cap. 

  • Transactions will be processed each Thursday at 11:45 PM EST. 

    • If you submit a Player Send Down Request Form during the week, that player is still required to play their 3-game minimum. To not do so will be considered a (Schedule 3) offense. 

  • When a player is sent down to TC they will be placed on waivers when the transaction is processed. If an Owner sends a player to TC after 11:45 PM EST on Thursday and before the first game on Sunday they will be placed on waivers immediately. 

  • Owners may use their TC Players as ECUs 

  • While a player is on waivers any team may claim that player off of waivers at their current Salary. 

    • The original team to TC the player has the opportunity to reclaim that player to their main roster when another team puts a claim on their TC player. 

    • If the original team opts to reclaim that player, they must be rostered for the following week in its entirety and must play the minimum required games. 

  • Each consecutive week that a player remains on Waivers, their salary will be reduced 500k until it reaches 250k.  

Call Ups 

  • Owners must submit a Call Up Form. These will be processed after the last game on Thursday and will remain open until the start of first game on Sunday. 

Injury Reserve (IR) 

  • Each Team has 1 IR Spot. 

  • An owner does not reserve the right to place a player on IR. 

    • The player must contact a League Administrator directly. 

      • We will never expect you to share personal information. 

      • We just want to know your best guess on the duration of your absence. 

  • An owner may only submit a player to IR in emergency situations. If this occurs, we require proof that the player had an emergency.  

    • To do so, place an emergency IR claim and contact a League Administrator 

      • You will have a 1-week grace period. 

      • Or you can send us proof. (A picture of PM in discord that blocks all personal information and why.) 

        • We only need to see them stating they can't play until further notice. 


  • Trades go through on Friday at 8 PM. 

  • Trades can only be discussed between owners and management.  

    • Players involved in the trade shall only find out they have been traded when the league makes the official announcement. 

    • If proof is provided that player tampering occurred the participating party will be subject to review (Schedule 4) 

Trade Deadline 

  • Trade Deadline will be 2 weeks before the completion of the regular season. 

    • (A Season is 5 weeks long) 

Submitting Trades 

  • Trades must be submitted before Thursday at midnight 

  • Trades must be submitted to a League Administrator by both owners in the following format respective to you team. 

<Team A> trades 

<Player being traded away>  

To <Team B> in return for  

<Player being Acquired> 


Trade Compensation Criteria 

  • If a player that was acquired through a trade quits or refuses to play for their new team, their new team reserves the right to request a reversal from the league. 

    • Upon said player quitting / not responding the team owner must submit proof of contact attempts on discord and xbox by the following Friday at midnight. 

  • A trade request can also be reversed if but not limited to 

    • Toxic Behavior 

    • Throwing Games 

    • Similar Circumstances 

Player Trade Request 

  • A player may request a trade but it is at the owner’s discretion on how to proceed. 

    • Player must notify League Administrators for it to be considered an official trade request. 

  • The owner must notify all teams that the said player has requested a trade. 

    • The owner is not obligated to accept a trade that he/she feels is unfair 

  • A player may only request a trade once per season. 

  • Players are still required to give availability and play their scheduled games during this process. 


  • Any player that retires will be ineligible for the remainder of current season. 

    • Must notify a League Administrator and request a retirement form. 

  • Any Player who quits the league without filling out a retirement form will be subject to review under (Schedule 1)