Scheduling and Game Night Procedures  

  • *Players* - (C / W / D / G) 

  • *Skaters* - (C / W / D) 

*Goalies* - (G) 


  • Players (C / W / D / G) 

    • Players are required to post their availability each week to their owner. 

    • Skaters must be available for at least 3 games each week. 

    • Goalies must be available for at least 4 games a week.

Weekly Lines 

  • Managers are required to submit their lines for the entire week by Sunday at 8 PM EST in the Weekly Lines Discord Channel.  

  • Managers are allowed to change lines at any point. 

  • The intent of this regulation is so players can schedule around this league.

Game Times (Eastern Standard Time)

Sunday           @ 10PM 
Sunday          @ 11 PM 
Monday        @ 10 PM 
Monday         @ 11 PM 
Tuesday        @ 10 PM 
Tuesday        @ 11 PM 
Wednesday  @ 10 PM 
Wednesday  @ 11 PM
Thursday      @ 10 PM 
Thursday     @ 11 PM


  • There will not be games on the following holidays. 

    • Christmas Eve 

    • Christmas 

    • New Year's Eve 

    • New Year's Day 

    • Easter 

    • Canada Day 

    • 4th Of July 

    • Memorial Day 

    • Remembrance Day 

    • Thanksgiving (CAN and USA) 

 Game Night Procedures 

  •  Setting up a match 

    • Games will be played through an EASHL Club Custom Match with a Password. 

    • The Password will be “3HL” followed by the Home Teams Abbreviation 

    • Examples 3HLNYR, 3HLCHI, 3HLSJS, etc 

    • * you can reference the google docs for the abbreviation if you are unsure. 

  •  Game Time 

    •  All Teams MUST be ready at game time to search.
       (Warm-Ups are not an acceptable reason for extra time) 

      • Teams will get an extra 5 minutes if they notify the opposing management before game time.  

        • If you don’t have proof the game will result in an automatic FF 

    • A team may grant an additional 5 minutes to the requesting team at their own discretion.  

      • Games may not start past 10 minutes after the scheduled game time. 

        • Anything past 10 minutes will interfere with other games and leagues. (This will be strictly enforced) 

      • If the 10 minute mark is approaching it is advised that both teams take picture proof they are searching with a full team. 

  •  Entering Stats 

    • Team Managers are responsible for entering stats into by 5 PM Est the following day. Not doing so will result in an automatic forfeit. (if you need extra time just let us know.) 

      • An owner is subject to suspension for not entering stats. 

        • Owners will get 2 warnings a season.  

        • On the 3rd and 4th time they will be docked 1 game from their eligibility. 

        • On the 5th time they are subject to being removed as owner. 

      • It is important to us that the players in this league get the credit they deserve. 

  • Lag Outs 

    • If a player lags out before the 1st faceoff of the game no action will be taken.  
      Just restart the game. (No Penalty) 

    • If a player lags out in between periods a penalty will granted to the opposing teams.  

      • The team that lagged out must quit out of the match. 

      • At the resumption of the match the offending team will flip the puck into the stands resulting in a penalty shot. 

        • The opposing team may not move during until the penalty is taken. If they do and interfere with, they player flipping it over they forfeit their right to a penalty shot. 

        • If the offending team kills more than 1 minute trying to flip it over, the opposing team may quit out and restart the process. (Proof is required) 

    • If a player lags in the middle of the period you keep playing until intermission and quit out. Upon resumption of the game the offending team shall take a penalty. 

    • All lag outs will grant the offending team 5 minutes to get back into the lobby. If the offending player cannot resume you will have an additional 5 minutes to find a replacement. Best practice would be to have a player on standby. 

    • If the same player lags out twice in a single game they must be replaced. The offending team will be granted 5 minutes to find a replacement. 

    • If both teams have layouts no penalties will be enforced. 

Replays, Reschedules and Forfeits 

  • Replays 

    •  if a situation occurs during a league game that a team feels altered the outcome of the game they may submit video evidence for review to The Front Office. 

    • If The Front Office determines that the incident did in fact alter the outcome of the game they can rule a replay of the Game / Period / Last 5 Minutes Ect.....  

  • Reschedules 

    •  2 Teams may enter an agreement to reschedule a league game. 

      • The teams must notify The Front Office that night. 

      • The game must be complete before Sunday at 9:30 

        • The front office reserves the right to put a specific timeline on a reschedule for reasons unforeseen. 

    • If the game is not played before the designated time the team who requested the reschedule will receive a FF. 

      • Note: Rescheduling is done at your own risk. The opposing team is not required to meet your availability and can claim they couldn’t field a team before the deadline and take the Forfeit Win. 

  • Forfeits (To claim a Forfeit Win you must notify a league official through discord so there is a time stamp) 

    • e applied when: 

      • A team cannot gather 4 players by the scheduled game time. 

      • A team fails to notify the other team that they need extra time before The team taking the Forfeit Win must provide picture proof they were ready at the normally scheduled time. Must show all 4 players in Lobby 

      • A team doesn’t grant the 2nd 5 minute extension request. 

      • A team isn't ready after being granted the 2nd time extension. (10 Minutes Past) 

    • A forfeit cannot be taken: 

      • If the game is started or played.  

      • If the eligible team doesn’t take the forfeit immediately.

  •  Tie Breakers 

    • If teams finish the season tied in the standings the following will act as a tie breaker. 

      • The team who has more wins 

      • Head to Head Points  

      • Higher Goals for minus Goals Against (G – GA)